CHAMBER MUSIC  Described as "the music of friends," chamber music is composed and performed by a small ensemble of players on varying instruments each having its own part. Chamber music requires the precision of each player and develops listening and communication skills. It's a lot of work, but the icing on the cake is that chamber music is loads of fun! At Vivace, students are placed by age and level into chamber ensembles ranging from trios to nonets with the quintet being the most prominent. Vivace prides itself in the variety of music selections from the baroque trio sonatas of Telemann, Handel, and Bach to the 20th century works of Prokofiev, Martinu, and Stravinsky.   

ORCHESTRA  Led by Seattle's finest conductors, the orchestra program has become a major component of Vivace. Level A students participate in string orchestra while Level B students participate in symphonic orchestra as well as string orchestra or wind/brass ensemble.

ENSEMBLES BY INSTRUMENT  Other ensembles include piano (two pianos/eight hands), guitar, cello, and more depending on how Vivace's enrollment shapes up. Some extra ensembles will extend the day beyond the usual 4:00pm close time.  

CHOIR  Singing is an important part of our musical development. When we learn the basic skills of breathing, phrasing, and how to sing expressively with our voices, we can apply our singing skills to our own instrument. Level A students enjoy learning these skills while working on one and two-part songs.

PERFORMANCE CLASS  Level B students participate in a performance class every day. This class provides an opportunity for each ensemble to perform and receive feedback from the other participants. While coaches are present and guiding, this class is designed to be led by the students.

RECITALS AND FINAL CONCERTS  Performance day is quite an event with students performing in one of three chamber recitals showcasing their most polished repertoire, and the final concerts prove quite spectacular with the orchestras, choir, brass, piano, and other ensembles. Performances for Level A are held on Friday afternoon, and Level B on Friday evening and Saturday.  Although students are not required to attend all performances, the music is so diverse, you won't want to miss anything!