BLOWN AWAY! We were simply blown away by the music on Saturday! It was not only how well each musician played, but also how amazing they played together. Thank you for organizing this camp, and letting Keishin be part of it. We were most impressed by all the dedicated coaches and how they worked tirelessly all day Saturday. Keishin thought Rebecca Good was wonderful. Please forward our gratitudes to her. Keishin would love to do it again next year, and so would his sister. I just have to make sure to sign up early next time. Thank you so much again.
— Hoi Lam
Vivace is actually the highlight of my son’s summer. I really enjoyed observing “Serious Fun” through Vivace. Allyson, you are an awesome organizer and you help youth musicians grow tremendously during the summer!
— Rumi Keast
Allyson, I’d just like to say again what an incredible experience you’ve planned for the kids. My son had an experience like no other - fun, challenging music, and rehearsing with talented and like-minded musicians. The experience of the ensemble is something he hasn’t had much exposure to, and it presents a more intimate relationship for the performer and his music. Your music selections across the two groups were amazing, eclectic, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the performances. Thanks for making music performance such a a fun and enriching experience for the kids!
— Vivace Parent
Wow! We thoroughly enjoyed Saturday’s recital program. Can’t thank you enough for making Vivace possible, and so much fun for so many kids. Love the positive vibes and enthusiasm. Bravo!
— Mary Grubb
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity of being a part of camp this year and especially the Schubert Quintet. I had an amazing week and learned lots! I appreciated the great coaches and the orchestra music was really fun!
— Zhao Hui Grubb
I LOVED VIVACE!!!!! I was so sad when it was over yesterday. You do a wonderful job matching age and skill level in the chamber groups. I definitely grew as a musician, but I never felt stressed over the music. My whole chamber group exchanged contact info yesterday after the concert because we became great friends during the week and did not want to leave each other. Thank you so much for organizing this camp! It has definitely been one of the highlights of my summer! I look forward to next year!
— Vivace Student
James said that he appreciates the sessions are broken up into shorter segments. He also likes the coaches, the conductor, and the fact that you run a tight, disciplined ship. We also appreciate that he gets to play chamber music - something that isn’t common for a bass player.
— Melissa Shogren
The camp was so well organized and really brought out the best in these kids. A week at Vivace is an introduction to th artistry and masterful technique of the professional musician. Coaches were inspiring adn rigorous while the students were dedicated and enthusiastic. Polite, hardworking, incredible young people; my congratulations to you on a wonderful summer of chamber music. Mia thanks you for the great coaches and tips she received. She especially enjoys the friends in her groups during the week and listening to other’s incredible music.
— Mandi Bilick
Vivace provided the first orchestral experience for my kids, and they all enjoyed it. Their positive experience at Vivace added to the motivation and confidence as they auditioned for local youth symphonies this year. The girls enjoyed the chamber group experience too, and can sight-read much better now! They went from the ‘I Can Read Music, Volume 2’ to ‘I Can Read Tchaikovsky Like Nobody’s Business!’ They all commented on liking the variety of chamber coaches and how beneficial that was - some coaches emphasized intonation and accuracy, some dynamics and style.
— Vivace Parent
I want to thank you once again for your leadership of Vivace. I appreciate all the organization and your attention to detail. Your work allowed students to have joyful moments of growth and fostered a love of group music making. I had the chance to talk with many parents this year, and they were grateful for their children and shared stories about kids singing and playing at home this week. I am grateful for this opportunity and for the welcome you’ve shown. Your commitment and way you are as a teacher is special.
— Tim Westerhaus, Vivace Coach
We can’t thank you and Kenny enough for your immense dedication to our kids. Vivace has become the highlight of their summers. They love the music, they learn so much from the coaches, and they think you are a genius for choosing group members that they enjoy so much. Thank you again for sacrificing so much of your time to provide the Vivace experience for all the children.
— Deborah Nicolov
So I was worried Martijn would end up being cranky about the schedule — Lots of traffic, getting up early, long days etc. Kind of a test, in a way, of his musicianship and drive; but HE LOVES IT! Martijn says:
I could this all day.
I think I need to get involved in a group like SYSO. I need to be doing more music outside of school.
The kids I am meeting are like band nerds, but they are cool.
Maybe I should go to Western and do oboe performance.
— Laura Wall
I can’t thank you enough for putting this program together. My daughter is such a social creature, but she has always been intimidated by orchestra. Chamber music camp was the perfect blend of music and friendship for her, and the concerts were astounding. We are looking forward to next year!
— Vivace Parent
It’s a lovely program you have put together, and the recitals were an excellent showcase of all the hard work and talent the kids brought to Vivace.
— Kim Maki Fern
You are amazing and such a force of nature! I don’t know how you manage to pull it all together, but Silas had such a fun and delightful week, and you made it all happen!
— Camela Zarcone